The Professional Wine Opener and Corkscrew


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The benefits of screw caps are manifold:

  • No cork taint
  • No sporadic oxidation
  • Screw caps avoid flavor modification, including scalping
  • Both red and white wines can be aged under screw caps
  • A reliable, long-term seal
  • Cellaring
  • Recycling

Winemakers from around the world are replacing their corks with screw caps. Screw tops are particularly popular with New World winemakers, with 90% of New Zealand wines and 60% of Australian wines closed with screw tops. Even high end French winemakers such as Domaine de la Romanée-Conti (whose wines have sold for tens of thousands of dollars) and Chateau Margaux are considering screw tops. Jean-Claude Boisset has already begun using screw tops on its higher end wines because it is believed screw tops offer better aging of fine wines. Gregory Patriat, head of bottling for Boisset, stated, "We're not saying that corks are bad, it's just that screw tops are better."

Suffice it to say that the product only works on screw top bottles and is extremely expensive and cumbersome. There are standard screw cap openers geared toward general bottle opening, such as on plastic soda bottles, as well as screw cap beer bottles. The TorkScrew is the only screw cap opener integrated into a traditional bartender-style opener. Its levered professional corkscrew, beer bottle opener, and foil cutter will make it the most versatile tool for wine drinkers and servers on the market. The TorkScrew is an all-in-one connoisseur corkscrew that can not only perform the normal functions of a corkscrew but also makes it easier and brings the "show" of opening wine back for screw cap bottles.

The TorkScrew is the obvious choice for connoisseurs seeking a professional corkscrew. Click here to purchase now.

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