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The TorkScrew allows wine drinkers to keep the ceremonial part of uncorking a bottle even when opening screw top bottles thus making it a unique wine gift for wine lovers.

Screw caps are now routinely touted as the next big thing in wine. From 2006 to 2007 use of screw caps doubled, and doubled again according to Alcan, the largest producer of screw tops in the world. Yet screw tops still represent only a fraction of total bottle closures. Part of the reason for this, many experts believe and industry surveys bear out, is the nostalgic desire to pop the cork out of the bottle. This little bit of ceremony helps bring ambiance to a restaurant tableside as well as dinner parties at home.

There is no product available featuring the same innovative design. The TorkScrew is an easy wine opener gift for the following reasons.

  • Allows wine lovers to experience the ceremony of uncorking a bottle of wine on screw top bottles
  • During opening of the wine bottle, the process appears very similar to the recognized process of what happens when a corked bottle is brought to the table
  • Encourages sustainable practices
  • Useful for both restaurants, wineries, distributors’ and home wine drinkers
  • Features a sleek design with cool colors
  • Affordably priced

The Torkscrew makes a perfect wine gadget and accessories gift. Click here to purchase your Torkscrew today.

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