The Screw Top Craze – Amcor Wine Bottles and Glass, Stelvin Screw Caps and Closure


In 2008 294.7 million 9-liter cases of wine were consumed in the U.S. alone, the 15th straight year of higher consumption. Everyone is joining in from baby boomers to millenials, searching for more affordable value wines, many of which are closed with screw caps. In addition, many bottles in the $95 to $125 range are now being produced exclusively with screw tops.

Bellasvago Enterprises flagship product, the TorkScrew, was created to solve a problem in the wine market. The use of screw caps in the wine industry has become more and more prevalent in recent years as an acceptable alternative to the traditional cork stoppers. Screw caps help preserve wine for a substantially longer period of time, and they virtually eliminate the “cork taint” that results from the naturally occurring TCA in cork leaching into the wine.

Additionally, the Portuguese and Spanish governments, in a socialist movement to redistribute land to the masses during the 1950’s and 60’s broke up many large land holdings of the centuries old cork tree growers in their respective countries. This has resulted in many smaller parcels being created and built on, resulting in the loss of innumerable old growth cork trees, which in turn has led to less high quality cork being available at increasingly higher prices. The future will undoubtedly see a growing percentage of wine makers using screw caps in increasingly higher priced wines. The general consensus among industry experts is that the only legitimate reason to still use cork is the nostalgia and ceremony that users experience when popping off the cork stopper.

What makes the TorkScrew a unique wine bottle opener is, in addition to performing all the functions of a typical fulcrum style corkscrew, the TorkScrew’s has ability to open any Stelvin screw caps and wine enclosure or Amcor wine bottles and glass by pushing the body down over the Stelvin cap thereby engaging the devices internal enclosure posts. The user then simply twists the device counter clockwise disengaging the threads and opening the wine. The lid is discreetly concealed in the device until removed by the user.

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